About Us

Magee Build, Inc. is a leading custom home contractor in Taos, New Mexico.

Growing up in a family of builders (his father Vishu is a renowned home designer, while his brother Jed of Magee Design is also an accomplished designer), Aaron worked on his first full house at age 15. Upon graduation from Taos High he began work in a cabinet shop, then signed on to the crew of one of Taos' finest builders, eventually becoming an expert finish carpenter and job site foreman.

Aaron started his own construction company in 2004 and has completed projects ranging from small remodels to detail-intensive homes over $1M. He has worked in all local materials (adobe, rastra, frame, and pumice-crete), all styles (pueblo and territorial, both traditional and contemporary), and is well versed in a wide range of green building systems.

As a lifetime Taos resident, Aaron brings to his projects a deep understanding of the land and of the resource pool which includes craftsmen, subcontractors, realtors, and mortgage brokers.

Magee Build is operated in partnership with Aaron's wife, Lisa, who runs the office.